AlexanderX Live in Los Angeles


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AlexanderX is an L. A. based solo artist whose genre has been described as "Cerebral Pop" . . . music with deeper concepts

and more dynamic sounds.

He is a multi-talented performer who has been called a "Quintuple Threat" . . . a singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, and dancer.

His passionate vocals, skill on the keys, and connection with the audience make him a rare and magnetic live performer.

He honed his craft as a classically trained pianist turned pop artist putting his prolific songwriting abilities to work combining emotionally intelligent lyrics with captivating melodies.


More about AlexanderX

AlexanderX was born in the suburbs of New Jersey filled with winter snow days and summer water-gun fights.  

He moved to San Diego, California for middle and high school, where the sun and waves saw him into adulthood. 

He decided early on to devote his life to music and dance, and studied music and psychology at Dartmouth College.

Upon graduation, he moved to Valencia, Spain and completed a Master's in Music Technology and Innovation at Berklee College of Music.

He made his way back to Southern California to work in the studios at Capitol and Republic Records.

He spends his time performing, creating, and producing music in Los Angeles.